2016 Grant Cycle

Canada150Banner--finalThis year, in celebration of Canada’s upcoming 150th birthday CCF has partnered with the Community Foundations of Canada to grant a minimum of $10,000 to worthy organizations in the local area.

CCF’s $5,000 will be matched by the Community Foundation of Canada, allowing our grants to have a deeper impact in Caledonia.  CCF is eligible for another $5,000 in matching funds if the additional money is raised in the community.

The Canada 150th Fund invites all eligible groups and organizations to apply for a grant focused in one of three areas:

  1. Encourage participation in community activities and events to mark Canada’s 150th Birthday
  2. Inspire a deeper understanding about the people, places and events that shape our country and communities
  3. Build vibrant and healthy communities with the broadest possible engagement of all Canadians


Online Applications will be accepted between August 29th, 2016 and September 29th, 2016.  A  link to the application will be provided when the grant cycle opens. To learn more about the grant application process click here.

Applicants can download a one page information sheet to learn more here.

Click here for a Grant Application Example- Please note this is only to help prepare. All grant applications must be submitted online.

Before submitting a grant application we encourage you to set up a meeting with Fund Development Officer Lindsey Stuckless (lstuckless@caledoniafoundation.ca)  to discuss your idea.

About the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th
Canada’s sesquicentennial is an historic moment with the power to bring people and places together as we dream big about our community and our country.  In the spirit of this moment, our parent organization, Community Foundations of Canada, has activated a Community Fund for Canada’s 150th which will help support an array of ideas and activities that will bring out the best that Canada has to offer, now and for future generations.

What is the 150th Community Fund?
The Community Fund for Canada’s 150th is a grants program that will support Caledonia community initiatives (and other initiatives all across Canada).  The Fund is a collaboration between Canada’s Community Foundations, the Government of Canada, and extraordinary leaders from coast to coast.

The fund is based on grassroots leadership, and will take on a local focus and timeline in each community (August 29th to September 30th for CCF).

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