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Simply put, we achieve community dreams. Donors can create a legacy within the community by establishing an endowment fund with The Foundation. Earnings from these funds are distributed back to the community through grants and special projects. Your legacy helps benefit the community in perpetuity.

The Community Foundation is a provincially incorporated charity. The Board of Directors is made up of eight community members. The Foundation Administrator is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Community Foundation.

In a word: Anyone! The Smart & Caring Community Fund is open to anyone wishing to make a donation. Donors wishing to donate over a period of time can do so. For example, a donor wishing to establish a Donor Designated Fund may choose to gift $5,000 over the period of 5 years, rather than gifting $25,000 at once. These funds are known as Emerging Funds.

The Community Foundation accepts nearly every kind of asset. Most non-cash gifts are liquidated immediately and the proceeds transferred to the investment portfolio.

  • Cash Donation
  • Tribute / Memorial Donation
  • Bequest in a Will
  • Publicly Traded Securities
  • Life Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • RRSPs & RRIFs
  • Gifts-in-Kind

The Caledonia Community Foundation itself is not the object of donor’s philanthropy, but is the vehicle by which donors can fulfill their charitable objectives. Through special projects and grant making, the Foundation is committed to seeding, nurturing, supporting and strengthening the community. Grants are made to qualified donees as per the Canada Revenue Agency. The annual earnings of some of the funds under the Foundation’s care are disbursed according to advice from the donors.

Regardless of whether the gift is to be made now or later, donors are frequently attracted to the idea of a permanent endowment, enabling their influence and generosity to be extended far into the future. However, many donors also need the assurance that their funds will be safe, well managed, and used appropriately. The Foundation is uniquely designed not only to fulfill those requirements but also to offer much more in the area of donor services. While many charitable institutions provide a broad range of planned giving opportunities to potential donors, The Foundation is in a unique position to ensure that donor interests and concerns will be honoured and accommodated in ways that are relevant and meaningful to both the donor and community.

Donors can contribute any amount to the Smart & Caring Community Fund. However, the minimum requirement to establish a Named Fund is $5,000. Gifts can be made over a period of time. For example, a donor may wish to give $1,000 over five years to establish a Named Fund.

Starting up a private foundation requires the donor to create a new organization, establish a board of trustees, obtain registered charitable status from Canada Revenue Agency and keep reporting regularly. A fund at a Community Foundation is far easier and faster to establish and entails no start-up costs. Maintaining a donor advised fund at the Foundation is usually more cost effective than running a private foundation, and the problem of inter-generational succession is resolved. In addition, the donor(s) are free from the responsibility of monitoring grants made and reporting requirements. Our Foundation Administrator handles all of the administrative tasks.

All funds with the Foundation benefit the community forever in the form of a permanent endowment. Your gift is invested and over time, the earnings from the investment are used to make grants to the community. It becomes a permanent source of community capital, benefiting the community today… tomorrow… forever!

The Foundation provides grants to charitable organizations and other qualified donees as described in Section 110 of the Income Tax Act. These grants must benefit the Caledonia and area community. The Foundation also partners with organizations for special projects. For more information on special projects please contact our Foundation Administrator.

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