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Healthy Eating = Healthy Minds = Healthier Lives

At Caledonia Centennial Public School a group of dedicated volunteers is using healthy food options to give students better opportunities to thrive both academically and socially. Through the Student Nutrition Program, all children are offered a well-balanced meal twice a week to help increase focus in class and introduce them to foods they have may have never tried before.

Parent volunteer, Lindsay Neudorf says many children are more likely to try new foods in a setting outside of their home. “Children have been more open to trying different fruits and vegetables in this environment then at home. We have really worked hard to provide opportunities to try something new.”

One of the program’s new initiatives is a school-wide “Green Smoothie Challenge.” Each class will be invited into the kitchen to help pick the ingredients and learn why smoothies can be a great addition to their diet. Classes will discuss what they think will taste good and create a recipe that will be sent home with all students.

Funding provided by Caledonia Community Foundation will also allow the group to continue providing each classroom with a weekly fruit bowl that allows children to choose a fruit whenever they are hungry. Principal Tom Fitzsimmons says the snack program is an important part of the school community. “By providing students with healthy options we know they will be more focused and happier at school.”

In addition to providing all students with healthy meals twice a week, the Student Nutrition Program ensures that students who come to school hungry, with little or no lunch are given snacks and meals daily.


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