Garett Eggink


Raised in Mount Hope, Garett has lived in Caledonia for the past 20 years. His expertise is in the area of risk management in assets, finance and development. Garett is an owner of Merritt Renfrew Corp in Haldimand and Ocdotus Inc in Ancaster. He has served both as volunteer and board member of charity-based organizations, including Tim Bosma’s Tribute, Haldimand Pregnancy Centre, Haldimand Artworks, World Renew and Samaritan’s Purse.

Garett enjoys his time at the ball parks with his daughters and never misses the best fireworks display anywhere; located right here in Caledonia. Garett says, “The establishment of the Caledonia Community Foundation proves what can be accomplished when local people and assets come together with a common goal of empowering our community. The CCF gives local donors such a wonderful avenue to leave their mark on this great place along the Grand.”

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