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We are a public, registered charity supporting Caledonia and surrounding area. The Caledonia Community Foundation connects donors of all means with the projects, non-profits and people doing the greatest good in our community. When you give to CCF, you are working to create a healthy, safe and vibrant Caledonia, today, tomorrow and forever.

Our purpose at CCF is to help donors like you give to what matters most to you. You choose the cause or the charities.

We offer our donors a smart and caring way to make an impact in their community today and for years to come. Your individual gift is never spent, it is preserved along with other donor gifts through an invested capital fund. The interest generated by the fund is used to provide grants in Caledonia and surrounding areas.

Our registered charitable number is: 861019743RR0001

Caledonia Community Foundation

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103 Inverness Street, Caledonia, Ontario N3W 1B1

905 765-4408




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