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With 84% of Canadians contributing to charities on an annual basis, many of your clients may already make annual gifts to support their favourite charitable organizations.

Introducing the Caledonia Community Foundation to your client could result in a meaningful legacy for our community. Whether it be during or after a donor’s lifetime, The Foundation is here to partner with you and your clients.

We want to develop philanthropic relationships with you and your clients. Our unique position allows families to connect and develop their personal financial plans through philanthropy. As a result we will create innovative initiatives that would have never existed otherwise.

Gifts of any size are welcomed and appreciated at the Caledonia Community Foundation. There is no minimum gift required to add to any existing or undesignated fund. However, certain types of funds required minimum amounts. For as little as $5,000.00 an endowed fund can be established in the client’s name. For more advisor and fund information, the Community Foundation of Canada has produced an e-resource at:

Caledonia Community Foundation

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